Katrina Tragedy

Watching the news today, I heard President Bush say that he was “satisfied” by how things are progressing in the south. Infuriating.

To an extent, I can understand that something as cataclysmic as this hurricane will be overwhelming. Beyond not being ready, which is befuddling on its own, I haven’t heard anything from anyone in the government that essentially says “The buck stops here. I am responsible.” That is not what this administration does. Today it was about photo ops and press conferences. It feels like children are at the controls of this country.

This is how America treats poor people. This is how America treats black people. It feels like we have learned nothing. Let’s just go extreme here, shall we? – The principals of this experiment in Democracy we call America aspire towards justice and equality, but the lines of INjustice and INequality clearly seem to divide us by class and race. Unless something changes, the experiment failed. America failed.

Hope I’m wrong.


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