Katrina – From the Times-Picayune Series

I started reading the New Orleans Times-Picayune 5-part series on what would happen if “The Big One” hit. It is remarkable how much it was able to predict (it was written in 2002). What is happening today was described in detail, and the article was only considering water overflowing the levee – not a full breach.

The Federal Government has been passing the buck lately, saying that the state governments are responsible and that the Federal government should essentially supplement their efforts. Okay. Check this out from the Times-Picayune article…

Shortly after he took office, FEMA Director Joe Allbaugh ordered aides to examine the nation’s potential major catastrophes, including the New Orleans scenario.

“Catastrophic disasters are best defined in that they totally outstrip local and state resources, which is why the federal government needs to play a role,” Allbaugh said. “There are a half-dozen or so contingencies around the nation that cause me great concern, and one of them is right there in your back yard.”

The whole series makes for interesting reading. The storm was not as big a tragedy as our negligence was. Maddening!


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