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Just got home from a deadly Killer Angels rehearsal. The last one before we tech tomorrow. Sweet Lord it was a mess. This show is very representational and episodic, and that construction makes it very difficult to learn. Not just spoken lines, but where am I supposed to be, and when, and what am I wearing, and which side am I on, and what the hell is my name anyway? It’s so hard not to get frustrated.

Our director, Warner Crocker, said that we won’t see it as a show again until Friday – these days in between are about ripping it apart and adding tech and making everybody crazy. We did backslide a bit today, and I’ll bet that will scare us into submission for tomorrow’s tech. Shout out to the costumer, Tamara, and the crew for having costumes ready yesterday. If we would not have had them early, we would have been seriously boned.


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  1. robbie says:


    It’s Robbie, I can’t imagine!
    Break a leg brother.

    Robbie Limon

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