Last day without the peoples

Just got home from the final dress before actual people come to see Killer Angels. We had a full mix of technical and acting elements to fix tonight. Uphill at times, we finally got everything pretty well pulled together.

You can read a script until it’s dogeared, you can do your research, you can rehearse until you’re blue – it’s all about 25% until you get to run it with everything. When all of your entrances and exits become assembly-line-familiar and you can concentrate on just telling the damn story! You start to feel a rhythm (an ironic admission from a man who dances like a defective Tickle Me Elmo doll).

Tomorrow we have audiences – the big unknown! The show is starting with the cast mingling with the audience for a bit. I think the idea is to allow the audience to see us as actors telling this story. Smart. This theater is smack in the land of Civil War recreations. We are not doing a recreation, we are doing a (very well informed) piece of fiction about the Civil War. A good idea to break down that 4th wall. I’ve always found it a little tough to do – I’m a little too self-conscious. It’s like portraying myself instead of being myself.

A few other notes from the day…

Did the lunchtime jazz concert in Woodstock, VA today with Con Roper. It was really very fun! I was a bit shy on the fiddle, but the whole concert was quite nice. Con is very talented.

And, I’ve gotten the first few visitors to my blog! I’ve tried journaling for years, and never quite got into it. But blogging – putting it out there – is kind of addictive!


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