Killer Angels Opening

The day arrived – we opened Killer Angels yesterday. After all of the angst of preview day and all of the work up to that point, I am happy to say that we seriously kicked it!

We had a short rehearsal to tighten up a few transitions and then had about an hour to get ready. The mood backstage was good – we all seemed pretty loose but very focused and aware of what was coming.

We have our 15-minutes of audience mingling which kind of scares us a little, but is turning out to be really fun. The audiences so far have been surprisingly open to it, and it seems to take only a short time for us all to get used to the conversation. Especially fun when the history buffs get going. “Okay, which one of you is Buford? Him over there, is he Tom? He looks like Tom.”

The show felt like it had good drive and more passion yesterday. Occasional hiccups with lines, but we never wrecked. Malia, our SM called the show beautifully. Natalie, our ASM and backstage changer kept us from wearing Confederate coats on the Union side. Backstage now feels more like part of a smooth operation. It was absolute chaos 3 days ago!

So after the show we had our traditional vodka toast and continued over to The Irish Isle which is about a dozen steps away from the theater (hmm, now that’s a 12-step program I can do). There was plenty to celebrate, and I celebrated plenty. Had a great time. Slept in Middletown!

The director, Warner Crocker, has a blog and he just posted some production photos today.


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    I made the blog! 🙂

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