Taking Responsibility

Day off today, so I could look at the world again.

In an earlier post, I said that I wanted someone to say “I’m responsible” for things going to hell in New Orleans. So today President Bush said it. I really should give him credit, yet the way this administration has conducted itself in the past, I just feel like any bit of contrition is calculated. It’s disappointing to feel this way. I want to be pleasantly surprised by this bunch someday, but it seems I’ve gotten way too cynical for that.


3 Responses to Taking Responsibility

  1. come on now that IS spin. notice how long it took him to do it? after he let the others fry in the spotlight for awhile. he SHOUDLVE taken the heat yes, he also SHOUDLVE taken it sooner when it coldve been better disguised as real leadership.

  2. Dan Crall says:

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  3. We’re both too cynical and too optimistic at the same time. He had to something to stop the bleeding.

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