1st Week of Killer Angels begins

Back to the theater after a few days off. The Wednesday back is always tough. With a couple days away from the shows and the opening night adrenaline gone, there’s an entirely different energy backstage. Oddly more relaxed, but not in a good way. Our first show today was all right, if a bit low energy. The second show, however, had a messy 1st act! Thankfully, that scared us, and we got the 2nd act back.

But this show can’t really afford that. The 1st act is about exploring the inner thoughts and yearnings of the leaders of the Civil War, so we have to be tight and at our best right out of the chute. By the 2nd act we get to run around and shoot things, so it moves better by itself!

My prediction is that we’ll be much hotter tomorrow. The cast cares about the show, and I can’t see us letting it sag.


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