Meeting Mr. Wright

Had one of those moments tonight when you are listening to a program on the radio and you wait in your driveway to listen to the end (yeah, NPR calls them “driveway moments” but that feels too Oprah).

It was author/anthropologist Ronald Wright delivering a lecture about his book “A Short History of Progress”. It was the 2004 Massey Lecture, an annual Canadian series. The book apparently follows 4 civilizations throughout history from their inception to their ultimate failure. And guess what? We’re on our way to destruction and stuff.

He articulated the trend towards concentration of wealth, the arrogance of environmental abuse and the danger of ruling with the assumption that God will fix by night what we break by day. Reviews of the book seem to indicate that it is a little light, but worth reading. I bought it tonight – we’ll see. Any of you read this guy before?

I was not familiar with the Massey Lectures. Take a look at the series for this year

Race Against Time
Stephen Lewis
“I would like to throttle . . . those who’ve waited so unendurably long to act, those who can find infinite resources for war but never sufficient resources to ameliorate the human condition.” — Stephen Lewis

With Race Against Time, Stephen Lewis offers compelling insight into the problems that continue to threaten humankind — poverty, hunger, gender and class inequality — and a hopeful glimpse of a solution on the horizon. This is a heartfelt plea, an examination of the depth of these challenges and a recipe for banishing them.

Eerily timely, isn’t it? I guess I should thank the Canadian Broadcast Corporation for their labor lockout – they’re re-running all this stuff.

Oh, I bought Beck too. Sea Change, the depressing one.


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