The Killer Closet


In our current show at Wayside, Killer Angels, 9 guys play about 54 roles. The picture above shows what the audience never sees – the ultimate Civil War closet backstage. As would be expected, things get a little hectic back there. It was almost as difficult learning the costume changes as it was learning the lines (which I’m sure I’ll get around to doing any day now).

First week of shows done. Looking back on it, it went as would be expected. We had a rough Wednesday, and worked our way back to an acceptable Saturday. We were tired, but I think we played through really well. I don’t expect this one will ever be a breeze. Mentally and physically, this one requires us to be sharp. We have our fun, but it’s a machine that won’t really allow us to drag our feet. Let me tell you, as the man who dies the most, it’s exhausting.



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