Lucy in the Sky with Doctors

I am as square as they come, but I bought a December 1967 issue of Popular Science for this article:

My LSD Trip
A non-cop, non-hippie report of the unvarnished facts

The author, Robert Gannon, went in for a lab supervised LSD trip (the phrase “nice work if you can get it” applies here) and described his hour-by-hour experience. His inclusion of the attending physician’s notes are priceless:

11:45 – Patient breathing deeply. Trying to interpret, then decides not to. Asks for rocks. Says “John Cage”. (?) Has secretive, playful expression.

12:00 – Patient groaning. Says thoughts too fast. Perspiring greatly. Talks of being a movie projector

The article also talked about the experimental LSD therapies that were being used. Loved this quote…

(Dr. Charles Shagass) feels that the drug is virtually worthless for people with either psychosis or such generalized neurotic problems as depression. But for patients with a single, obvious problem – alcoholism, phobia, homosexuality, drug addiction – the results of treatment with LSD may be dramatic.

Interesting collection of “obvious problems” – that homosexuality is something that needs to be treated. How primitive – so glad that we’ve moved beyond that. Oh wait…

In fact, this paragraph could have been written today (if you substitute “damn liberals” for “flower children”)

I became aware of a deep, newly revealed disenchantment with the values of my generation, an awareness that the principal drive is that of greed, and that our affluence comes from the mass cult of selfishness and bigotry and duplicity. Is this what the flower children see, I wondered; is this why they switch to open, simple, idealistic ways? Is theirs an evolution against the fast buck, the tyranny of company-think, the demands of status, the immoral killing in wars?

I bring all this up because (1) it’s kind of funny, (2) it’s kind of sad, and (3) it made me think about how far we haven’t come.

Conservatives seem to assume that we are all just belligerent children. The only way to keep us “good” is to prohibit everything that is “bad”. Seems to me, the result of that is a perpetual state of societal adolescence – a need to rebel.

Back off. Let America grow up.


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  1. MRL says:

    You grow up first.

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