Better Days?

Two shows. Two more weeks left of shows. Then back to Chicago or wherever. I don’t have an address there specifically so I could go anywhere. Interesting possibility, but I can’t really see myself anywhere. Los Angeles? I guess it’s what you do when you’re an actor. When you’re 20 and beautiful. Or brave.

Hm, 3 strikes.

This weekend – early tomorrow morning, so to bed shortly – flying to Indianapolis for a few days to (hopefully) finish work on the movie. Still feel very fortunate to have had that experience, whatever comes of it.

Don’t know what’s after that. And my mood has been kind of low lately, so hopefully soon I’ll care.

I think I need a nap.


One Response to Better Days?

  1. js says:

    I checked out the movie link. Your line was pretty good. I know that things will get bloody once the movie is over. Just stay cool. The bloody period won’t be long. It’ll just seem that way.

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