Mini Movie

Got back yesterday from Indy. I got to see a rough cut of the film for the first time. All in all, not bad! There are still a few holes to plug, and we may be framing it with a V/O, so there still is some work to do. But it looks pretty good.

We had a full 3 days of work – mostly sound, one establishing shot and a publicity photo shoot. The sound was definitely the biggest challenge. When the location sound wasn’t good, we have to dub over the lines. We are trying to repeat performances that we gave over a year ago. I tend towards a Jimmy Stewart-ish stammer, and trying to repeat a stammer is annoying!

This is not a big film, and Ron holds no delusions of grandeur. It’s a fairly small story put together on a shoestring. But it has a charm to it, and Ron and the producers and the crew have been exceptional. They are getting some huge things done with only a few people. It was encouraging to see that even this late in the game the energy and focus and attention to detail is still there. I met the new editing interns, Kyle and Mike, and they are sharp. Hell, I assume that in the not too distant future I’ll be asking the interns for jobs!

Anyway, back to Virginia, the Civil War and Killer Angels.


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  1. js says:

    Sounds like you’re in a better mood.

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