Then the Fog Lifts For Some Reason

Had some comments about the blog and the mood last week. Having a bit of a “what next” crisis in life. Feels a little less heavy today, don’t know why. Sometimes I just obsess and take myself way too seriously and get intolerable. Thanks for the concern.

So, better today. Had two very odd shows for the Wednesday back. Not bad, just odd. The evening show especially had a loose cannon kind of energy to it. I don’t think it was sloppy (although a few of my lines received a slightly different, uh, wording), we just connected with the audience in a different way. They were quiet and seemed to say “I dare you to impress me”, but afterwards I bumped into a lady at the Food Lion who had just seen the show and she raved about it. You never know.

I wish more people would come. The attendance has been a bit disappointing. I’m proud of this production and people should see it.

Tonight I’m leaving the TV off. I’ve been watching way too much crap and my brain is slowly leaking out of my head. I just got Beck’s Sea Change and am currently wallowing joyfully in his misery. It’s really a great album. As my friend Jim would say, “Live it, love it, be it.” Sarcastically, of course, but with underlying truth. Oh, it just doesn’t translate, you would have to hear him say it.


2 Responses to Then the Fog Lifts For Some Reason

  1. js says:

    Live it, Love it, Be it.

    Hmm, you’re right. I’m much better live.

  2. bitterspice says:

    How come I have never heard Jim say that?

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