A Weekend

We had a great set of shows on Saturday. An evening crowd that was of great size and wonderful energy. Lost my balance and broke a scabbard during one of my deaths, which is unfortunate, but I guess I died with more gusto.

On Sunday attended an intimate benefit dinner thrown by a lady on the Wayside board. Very nice. Performed a small season summary skit with Thomasin and Jim that seemed to go over very well. Hope the re$ults are good.

Today, will be playing fiddle with Casey for the old folks in Winchester. Not sure which old folks, but we will find out soon enough.


One Response to A Weekend

  1. Emily Rossi says:

    Hey Lil’ Lar!

    Wow, The Mini’s site is very, very cool!! I was showing it to all of my friends the other day. This is my online impression of me… “Hey! Hey!! I know him!!! I KNOW HIM!!!!!” lol Think of me…think of that. I know you can see it…. :)–>

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