Sweet Home

Returned to Chicago yesterday. After almost 6 months in Virginia I feel a bit like a stranger here. It is rather easy not to miss the subway! It is a utilitarian ride, and you get a perfect tour of the ass end of every neighborhood.

Hard to call it home. Especially since I’m homeless. My friends and former roommates, Tom and Tina, are letting me stay at their condo, but I have no place that is really my own in town. Tomorrow I have 3 appointments to find a studio. Woohoo.

Despite my adjustments to being a city mouse, the day was pretty good. I wandered around Rogers Park, found a very nice library branch and checked out some stuff, had lunch at the Heartland Cafe, took care of some bidness. Fairly relaxing.

Tonight I’m stopping by Stage Left to say hello. They are having some sort of poker night, and I’ll skip that, but I would like to see the people.


One Response to Sweet Home

  1. Emily Rossi says:

    Hey Larry…hope everything is going okay in Chicago…Virginia already feels different without “Lil’ Lar” :)Best of luck this month and I’ll see you around Christmas.
    P.S. Check out my blog for a really cute picture of you and Stephanie at the Isle. 🙂

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