A Cardboard Box on Lake Michigan…

…might be a viable option for my new apartment in Chicago. Unfortuanately, cardboard boxes are currently going for $400 not including utilities.

Which is my smart-ass way of saying I have begun searching for apartments in Chicago.

Studios. Basically a utilitarian warehouse for what is left of my stuff after my last move-purge. I think what I have left is my computer, my stuffed Opus doll and a can of tomato paste. So a studio should be fine. Prices are about what I expected, but I forgot how bloomin small they were. Did find a couple of good layouts today, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Last week by this time I had fought the Civil War twice and died 4 times. So I guess in retrospect today was a bit easier. Tom got me in to see Memory House at Victory Gardens Theatre. Pretty fine show. Gino’s East afterwards – now there’s a pizza.


One Response to A Cardboard Box on Lake Michigan…

  1. Anonymous says:

    For the “city mouse”:

    Poem: “Smell and Envy” by Douglas Goetsch from Nobody’s Hell. © Hanging Loose Press.

    Smell and Envy

    You nature poets think you’ve got it, hostaged
    somewhere in Vermont or Oregon,
    so it blooms and withers only for you,
    so all you have to do is name it: primrose
    —and now you’re writing poetry, and now
    you ship it off to us, to smell and envy.

    But we are made of newspaper and smoke
    and we dunk your roses in vats of blue.
    Birds don’t call, our pigeons play it close
    to the vest. When the moon is full
    we hear it in the sirens. The Pleiades
    you could probably buy downtown. Gravity
    is the receiver on the hook. Mortality
    we smell on certain people as they pass.

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