My Kind of Town

Wrapped up a few days at Sara Lee today. I’ve been updating this elephantine Powerpoint presentation for them since, wow, 2000. This should be the last update before they retire it. And me. Quite alright – although the corporate job has been very kind to me, the more I go there, the less I understand it. Too many acronyms.

The last few days have been just fine. Tonight I did dollar beer night with Tom. Starting to get into the Chicago pace again, but still looking forward to Virginia soil.

I’ve been on borrowed internet time, so I haven’t gotten my blog fix. I’m starting to quiver. But I could quit anytime. Just like coffee.


5 Responses to My Kind of Town

  1. Emily Rossi says:

    Haha I think you and I should drop coffee cold turkey one day and see what happens…. 😛

  2. Sue says:

    Larry, give up coffee?!?!?!

    That would be like me giving up chocolate!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Virginia has no soil for you to miss, dearie. It has clay. We import our topsoil from Iowa. Bring some with you, please.

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