Return to VA

Back in Virginia – seems like no time at all has passed. Spent so much time looking for an apartment in Chicago that it doesn’t seem like I was there at all.

Had a few days in Indianapolis finishing up work on The Mini. It is vaguely possible that my work on the film is completely done. I won’t entirely believe that until I see it on a screen!

Now, to work on The Christmas Story. I’m here early, so there is plenty of time to do my homework.


6 Responses to Return to VA

  1. Emily Rossi says:

    Welcome back! 🙂

  2. crallspace says:

    What are you doing on the Christmas story?

  3. LAD says:

    Thanks for the welcome home, Warner & Em. I feel home.

    Crall, I’m playing Ralph, the adult version of Ralphie. In the movie he’s just VO, but the play version puts him onstage as storyteller. Quest for BB gun still prominent! Looking forward to it.

  4. Hopefully I’ll get out there to see you. Maybe we’ll cross paths when I get out to see “Slueth.”
    Enjoy being back out in VA!

  5. crallspace says:

    Well, that’s awesome. I love a Christmas story… it’s based in the area I grew up in- the dumpy, polluted region of Northwest Indiana.

    I still tear up every time I see that movie.

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