Talking to Myself Professionally

I have read the script for The Christmas Story several times, and have divided it into it’s appropriate beats. Now I’ve divided the script into a week’s worth of digestible chunks and have officially began memorizing in earnest.

I hate this part (by “part” I mean process – not the role – Malia asked me to clarify). It’s lonely and boring. Reading lines, saying lines, reading them again, saying them wrong, then right, standing up, sitting back down, reading more lines, losing mind.

But today went really well. Jean Shepherd, as a radio man and storyteller, was obviously quite conversational. That makes most of the lines easy to digest. However, this is an adaptation of Jean Shepherd’s book. We write differently than we talk. Still, the adaptation is good, and I’ve scheduled my progress realistically. This would be the unsexy part of acting. Not whining, I’ll still take it!


One Response to Talking to Myself Professionally

  1. Sue says:

    the bad part of YOUR job sounds much better than the BEST part of mine!!! Just think, you could be stuck in a dead end job like mine!!! God, no! I wouldn’t wish this hell on anyone!

    Great talking to you, Larry!

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