Virginia View

Took a walk again today. This was the view.

Otherwise, still learning lines; up to page 67 now, will finish Act One tomorrow. The big question – how much of this stuff am I retaining? Water aside.

That’s all. By the way, Christmas must be coming. I just saw a commercial for Robopet. Eeesh.


3 Responses to Virginia View

  1. LeighBear says:

    Wow, here it is Friday and clearly Larry is bogged down in lines and words and… lines. Don’t forget to take a walk today!

  2. crallspace says:

    Nice view… where was that? Certainly not Chicago…

  3. LAD says:

    No, not Chicago. I’m working just outside of Strasburg, Virginia where this was taken. Isn’t it something? The slope you see is Signal Knob (Confederate signals were sent from this hill during the Civil War, thus the name).

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