A Christmas Story Begins

We had our first rehearsal today. The adults anyway – the kids have been working since the 4th.

In the afternoon, the said adults were called for a read-through. The cast is pretty terrific. The entire show is double-cast, and it was really interesting to hear the different takes on each character from scene to scene. It should be interesting to see how the show changes as we experience each new combination of people.

In the evening, it was all of the children, and Wade & me (we are the Ralphs – sounds like some sort of ironic punk band). It has been a long time since I’ve worked with a large group of kids. You forget how much energy is buzzing around in a group like that. But what a talented bunch. Warner and Malia, the director and stage manager, are exceptional at keeping the rehearsal on task, so they all appear to have accomplished quite a bit already. These kids are pretty far along for this early in the process.

Wade’s doing great – he brings a great energy to the role. I felt okay, but for all the advance line work I did, I still felt pretty shaky. It’s always different when eyes are on you! I’ll cut myself a little slack for a little while.


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