Christmas Story – Day 2

Another rehearsal with Wade & me (grammatically correct, but still doesn’t sound right) and the chilluns. They are very talented and have so much energy. And smart. When I called “line” today I heard a chorus of my line coming from behind me – they know them better than I do!

Felt good today. After rehearsal, Wade and I got together for another line session. Brain hurts a little but it was helpful as always.

And we played, and lost, the pub trivia contest. Curses. Next time!!

Here’s one that stumped us – can anyone answer?

What or who is a Penny Black?


7 Responses to Christmas Story – Day 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    The introduction of the Penny Black stamp played an important role in the reform of the British Postal System c. 1840

  2. js says:

    penny black, (a specimen of) the first one-penny postage stamp issued in the United Kingdom, on 6 May 1840.”

    Oxford English Dictionary, Online.

  3. Anonymous says:

    1st postage stamp

  4. LAD says:

    Yes indeed, the first stamp. Learning is fun!

  5. Peter B says:


    You seem to be obsessed with pennies (and those things related to their value). Is this because of our discussion on the sound pennies make when flicked in the air? Or has this been going on longer? I worry about you sometimes. Maybe you should move on to nickels and those things worth five cents. It’s a new millenium, after all.

  6. LAD says:

    Ha! Hello Peter. He is referring to this.

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