A Christmas Story – The Family Arrives

Today, we added Mother and Father Parker into the Christmas Story mix. We just rehearsed family scenes today, so it was a smaller crowd.

Already on our first day together, you could see a comfortable family dynamic starting to happen. As offbeat as this story is, you have to believe that this is a family full of people that love each other, or the whole point of the show is lost. Looks like we’ll be fine – it was a joy to watch today.

I’m starting to play around with my approach to being the omniscient storyteller. Letting the audience into this world is the first priority – no surprise there. What I’m trying to find now is how I interact with my “memory world”. In the stage version, you actually see the older Ralph as he tells the story, and he wanders around his old house.

I want to try gradually rediscovering this familiar place as the show progresses – the feel of the old sofa, the way he used to sit in it when he was 9, what it was like to be in the kitchen during an ordinary conversation between his parents again. I want his 9-year-old self to take him over a little, not much, but some. I think there’s some great territory to find there.

If you could have a quiet moment in a room from your childhood that no longer exists, where would you go, and what would you do when you got there?


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