Lines and Tires and Beers

Oh my.

Lines. Most of the last few days have been learning the rest of the lines, and beginning to tighten the lines I mostly know. Rehearsals have been going well. Over the last few days, we have been taking larger chunks of the show. Since I’m a storyteller in this show, it helps to put large sections together to get the flow down. More work to do, personally, but I’m happy with the progress.

Tires. I’m driving a different car this week as they replace the tires on the Neon. They’ve had a bit of a slow leak lately. Not really worth mentioning, but I needed something between “lines” and “beers” to sound kind of like “tigers”. Being clever is hard.

Beers. Have been going out a bit more than usual this week, which is good. I tend to hermit a bit. Got to see some friends from Killer Angels and hear some great music in Woodstock.


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