By Doze Has Bid Riddy Stuffed Ub

Yeah, I’ve had a cold for the last few days. Nothing serious, though. I’m feeling a lot better. I can breath through my nose again, and that’s a plus. My energy is up, so I’m returning to the blog.

Less than a week to go before we open A Christmas Story. It’s looking good, but it’s a tug of war getting there. The pace of this show has to be pretty brisk, and we haven’t quite hit that stride yet. I’m going to do my best to push the pace along. Not to rush it, just to take out any schmacting.

Tomorrow we tech.


One Response to By Doze Has Bid Riddy Stuffed Ub

  1. MRL20151 says:

    Good buck wid tech. Ope yours goes better dan bide did. Ours took three days. ML

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