Tech – Dress – Repeat

Tech for A Christmas Story was yesterday. Let me say, tech is not a warm and fuzzy place. It is a span of not enough hours to perfect everything. Everybody has to be at the top of their game.

Tech was a little painful. We don’t have any helicopters landing on stage or anything, but there is plenty to do, and we hit some roadblocks yesterday that prevented things from going as smoothly as they could have. But it’s a good bunch of people, and I have to say we all seemed to pull it together very well for the dress rehearsal that night. It really felt like a show! Personally, I felt a little like the show was running me, but I usually feel that way for the first run.

The show is entirely double cast. One group of us did the dress rehearsal yesterday, and a different group will do the dress tonight. I’m planning to watch. Until then, I’m planning to do laundry.


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