Yesterday we had previews for A Christmas Story – our first time in front of audiences. Huge audiences!

Our preview went extraordinarily well (what a talented bunch of people up there). Was nervous at first, but after a few stammers and uhs and ahs, started to get the reins and have a little fun with it. It’s all academic until the audience gets there. Then it becomes a human thing.

When the show ended, I was pretty exhausted. Wasn’t sure if I’d completely connected with the audience. It feels so strange up there – an intimate conversation, talking at the top of your voice at a group you can’t see! I got good feedback, though, so at least I’m on the right track. My favorite part of the show is the very end, which is really quite sweet. I would do the show 3 times a day just to get to that ending. I might collapse and die, of course, but with a smile on my face.

The evening preview went very well. Everybody really took our last rehearsals to heart and the show really took jumps.


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  1. So Larry, let me know when your going to be on. We’re hoping to see the show, but would rather see you in it. Nothing against Wade (head tilt) but we got “history.”

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