Watched a few of the Sunday talk shows today. Everyone just seemed tired. Meet the Press had John McCain, who was willing to admit that he had been wrong on some of his pre-war assessments, but still thought Bush was doing “a good job” (perhaps we should call it “a heckuva job”, a Bush phrase that actually means blinding incompetence).

Next were the chair and vice chair of the September 11 Commission, Republican Tom Kean and Democrat Lee Hamilton. Basically there to tell us that none of its goals had been met. Maybe it would not be in best form for them to jump up and down on the desk and scream for progress, but at least a little vinegar would have been good. They sounded as interested in national security as they would be about village zoning laws.

It all just seemed tired and inevitable. But on the bright side, I bought some Pyrex today. An 8x8x2 baking pan. On Tuesday I’m planning on making Pastitsio, a Greek Casserole. Yes, Malia, I’m planning my meals again.

Pretty good show tonight. A little lopey in the 1st act, but we ratcheted it up a notch or two for the 2nd. Had designer photo call afterward, and that went smoothly.


2 Responses to Pyrex

  1. kmca says:

    planning is good, I like planning, it’s the list on the fridge for a week in advance….that’s…..well………….yeah. But I still love you, uber-analness and all. (just don’t start labeling what clothes you are going to wear a week in advance)

  2. Sue says:

    wow, your very own baking dish. I’m so PROUD of you!–>

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