Weekend in Wisconsin

Cast of Smoke on the Mountain
photo by J Westervelt – Winchester, VA

We have opened Smoke on the Mountain and it is going quite well. It is a surprisingly endearing show and I always look forward to doing it. Good sign.

Settling into Virginia life very well. Had a stretch of moodiness, which I actually expected. It’s a pattern with me after a big change – I retreat for awhile. Didn’t last long, though. Unpacked a few boxes, got the place looking a little less temporary and that seemed to help.

So now that I’m settled, I’m leaving for a week! Up to Wisconsin to perform in a benefit reading of Terrence McNally’s Love! Valour! Compassion! Got to see this play when it was on Broadway 10 years ago. Great to be able to do it.


One Response to Weekend in Wisconsin

  1. So who are you reading in LVC?
    Hopefully we’ll get up to se Smoke on the Mountain.
    Have a good run!–>

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