Walk – Dine – Birth

Had a fairly quiet day. Reduced my ToDo pile by about 3 Todos. Watched CNN, but missed the Cheney press conference. Oh, wait, no press conference just an interview on Fox. Words fail me.

Took a walk – a small attempt at exercise in preparation for the fig leaf I’ll be wearing in the next show.

Had dinner with Casey (my fiddle repairman extraordinaire) and his wife Dorothy. They are wonderful.

Went to Thomasin’s birthday party. Thomasin is Warner Crocker’s wife, and Warner is the man who got me into blogging (would that make him my BlogFather?) He offers a wonderful tribute to Thomasin on his blog. They, too, are wonderful.

Now I’m going to bed. That’s wonderful.


One Response to Walk – Dine – Birth

  1. crallspace says:

    Sounds peaceful.

    Yeah, Cheney showing up on the Propoganda neo-con channel sure showed us a lot more: He has to go where he’s welcome, and that doesn’t include in front of the American public with working brains.

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