Worst Presidential Errors

Saw this on Yahoo! today in anticipation of President’s Day. Although it seems that our current administration could fill the list single-handedly, history is larger than our limited current view. And of course, it must be quoted…

Where does Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal rank? Many scholars said it
belonged at No. 10, saying that it probably affected Clinton’s presidency more
than it did American history and the public.



One Response to Worst Presidential Errors

  1. js says:

    While the blowjob might be Bill Clinton’s most famous blunder, I always thought his worst failure was when he dithered over the genocide in Rwanda. Clinton has said in interviews that Rwanda was his biggest regret. Unfortunately, his management of the crisis set a precedent that will make it much harder to intervene in genocides in the future.

    Former State Department OfficialJames Woods:

    “The U.S. now has its presidential guidance which sets forth a rigid set of guidelines, which would basically make it impossible to intervene. And the United Nations has also adopted its own criteria which make it very unrealistic for it to be useful in these kinds of crises because they’re restricting it to a narrow view of Chapter Six peacekeeping–the parties must agree to the intervention; there should be a cease-fire; if the fighting breaks out the United Nations will do nothing to attempt to stop it. So what we’ve got is a policy which I characterize as, “We’ll only go where we’re not needed.” If there’s a serious international quarrel, internal or border war, the criteria are such that the United States and the United Nations and certainly nobody in Europe is going to do anything other than watch and what is called active diplomacy and that’s not going to meet the needs. You’re seeing it now in Central Africa where the African parties basically are disdaining, in some cases very rudely and openly, the proffered advice from the international community or the U.N. I’ve heard several African leaders speak here in town with complete scorn about–and it’s their phrase–“the so-called international community.”

    Makes the fellatio seem kind of trivial, doesn’t it?

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