People need to not suck.

Technology, which should assist us in our quest for greatness, has only allowed us a new way in which people suck.

A few days ago, my computer contracted a really insidious worm. I consider myself a relatively careful web person, but this one got through and just killed the works. Couldn’t get online, my printer was spitting out blank pages, it disabled my firewall, programs were crashing and I’m pretty sure it refracted the CD-ROM laser beam out the window and vaporized a kitten.

I went to a library computer and looked up “dl.exe” which is the little program that it dumps on your desktop to let you know that you are a goon. Mostly what I read was, “Oooo sucks to be you. Reinstall Windows”.

So I did. Many hours were spent, and it will still be awhile before my system is updated to where it was, but the worm is gone. For now.

I feel like someone who has been mugged and keeps looking over their shoulder as they walk down the street just waiting for it to happen again. And then, my friend Warner Crocker tells me about his PIN hell. I suppose it will all work out, and it’s not all that big a deal, but man, why must people suck?


One Response to People need to not suck.

  1. js says:

    Beats me. My most recent hypothesis suggests that sucking is the result of a dark energy field generated by Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bolton, and Zig Ziglar. This idea fails to account for humanity’s long history of sucking. It is possible that one or more of these three is a malevolent, immortal shape-shifter.

    Don’t knock it. It’s every bit as valid as intelligent design.

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