Suck Update

After my minor inconvenience with the worm, and my friend (and blogfather) Warner had his PIN hell, my friend Jim sought to explain the Declensions of Suck. Now I know that I was victimized by a member of “The Mingy”:

The Mingy: Those who delight in putting others through petty torments. Tall people who will seek out a short person in a movie theater and sit in front of them, hackers who write viruses for computers, urinators who piss on toilet seats, these people seek the attention of their fellow humans by giving them a small slice of hell. In countries ruled by people who suck on an Epic Historical level, the Mingy are the bureaucrats who take special delight in stamping DENIED on forms. In the corporate world, they’re the people who haul you into their offices whenever you’re a minute overdue from a bathroom break.

Bravo James. By the way, both Warner and I have emerged relatively unscathed by our brushes with The Mingy.

With friends like these two, life sucks a little less.


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