Adam & Eve Previews

Today we have our preview performances of Searching For Eden: The Diaries of Adam and Eve at Wayside Theatre.

Wish I would have been keeping up with this a little better on the blog – the process has been a terrific experience. Since it’s a two-person show (the lovely Thomasin Savaiano is Eve), there is simply no opportunity to hide in the background! But the material is good, and we have a great team that has been working together for some time.

From a design standpoint, it is one of the most beautiful shows I have seen. Til and Chris, the set and lighting designers, have created this magical playground for Eden. Tamara’s costumes are spot on and Theresa’s sound design is a joy. Malia, Natalie, Kris and Wade keep it all running – the world is never dull with them around.

Thomasin is an amazing Eve (when I grow up, I want to be her) and Warner has kept us all moving in the right direction. Adam & Eve go to some dark places in this show, and Warner has made sure that after all of the exuberantly goofy antics of Eden, we are able to make the switch to middle-age.

So today, the first audiences come, and we’ll see what we have.


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