Adam & Eve: A Different Animal

Our previews of Adam & Eve yesterday were quite revealing (no fig-leaf-pun intended) in ways I didn’t expect.

It seemed to me that the first act would be ha-ha funny, and the second act, though more emotionally resonant, might be so different from the first that the audience would zone out.


When we put the show in front of the first audience, the initial reaction seemed a bit tentative. I think I tried to push-the-funny in response thinking “oh no we suck” (bad actor, no biscuit), and felt terribly shrill as a result.

By the time Act 2 comes around, though, Adam & Eve are in middle age and it is a much more familiar environment. The audience seemed much more comfortable to go there, even though it was a much more placid and reflective act.

So, after the show, Warner shared his observation that we have to build our vision of Eden for the audience, and it may take them time to settle in.

That in mind, the second preview felt much better. I wasn’t pushing for laughs, and felt much more connected to Thomasin, the play and the audience.

It’s 11:30am (my clocks are changed, Malia, thank you!), the curtain is at 6:30pm and I want to do the play NOW! Very excited about opening this one.


2 Responses to Adam & Eve: A Different Animal

  1. AND WHAT AN OPENING IT WAS! We really enjoyed the show. As you say, it is one of the most beautiful sets, costumes AND people. I am especially impressed with the performance of Norman!
    In all sincerity, You and Thomasin are great together. Thanks for a great performance!

  2. David says:

    Once again, great job! I hope you get the turnout you deserve for this show.

    PS I have a blog now too! It’s, or something to that effect.

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