I’m a sucker for outdoor concerts. Back in Chicago, Ravinia was one of my favorite places to hear music. Especially classical. I should never admit this having been a student of classical music, but sitting in a concert hall frequently makes me want to sleep. Listening to music under the stars, though, wonderful.

So, I was looking at the Wolftrap website today. Looks like a wonderful season. I hope to get out there this year.

Otherwise, enjoyed a beautiful day out here. Gave my resume to a hotel in Stephens City. That second job necessity is looming.


4 Responses to Wolftrap

  1. Ah yes, the second job. Something we all know about in this area!
    Hope your well otherwise.
    Hugs (and a slight head tilt)

  2. David says:

    Ha! Concert halls sometimes make me want to sleep, too. As does listening to classical music on CD. Not because I’m bored, but because even when I’m listening to something like Shostakovich’s 4th, I just get so relaxed.

  3. mrl20151 says:

    Try out the Filene Center for sure. It’s an odd place to get to–nestled at the bottom of a holler at the edge of a 1950s or 60s suburban (used to be country) housing development. I’ve only done the lawn once, but it was okay. Under the Filene roof, one doesn’t feel as if one’s truly outside, always, as it’s so big. The park itself is huge, with the Barns and an outdoor children’s “amphitheater” located on the grounds. It’s quite a little hike to that amphitheater, actually. Wish I could afford to attend more often, saw Peter, Paul and Mary there, a Zarzuela show, a bus and truck tour of a musical . . . always wanted to see Prairie Home Companion there. Keillor comes every June, I think.

  4. Merida says:

    Hi, I believe that hearing music live is very much the same as seeing a live stage production like you do so well. There is just nothing like live drama/comedy as opposed to tv and movies. So it is with music. I sang under the stage at Wolftrap during a ballet. I remember the clopping of the toe shoes. Wish I could of seen it. Love your shows, a fan.

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