A Nice Bottle of Whine

Once again abandoned the blog, and once again my sister yelled at me for abandoning the blog. And all I have to write about is that my sinuses are killing me.

Won't it be nice to revisit this entry 12 years from now and realize that 12 years ago I was whining about nothing?

So feel free to leave a comment whining about something. Your whining is welcome here today.


2 Responses to A Nice Bottle of Whine

  1. Did a lot of wineing yesterday at Wine in the Woods!

    I’ll be seeing you soon….

  2. Peter says:

    Okay, I wanna whine about a movie I just rented: THE PIANO TEACHER. The description on the box made it sound “artistic”, and it mentions an interesting sex scene near the end. But as the end credits rolled, I yelled at the screen, “That’s it?!” The performances are good, but there is NO ARC for the characters at all! They start and end as LOUSY PEOPLE! Why? Because it’s FRENCH!!

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