Over Here!

Hello and welcome to LadBlog2.  Make yourself at home, have some punch.  Don't spill.  Oh, go ahead spill.

I have decided to move to WordPress.  I like the inerface better, and wanted to be able to use categories.  That seemed to be difficult in Blogger, so I'm here now.

For those of you that read it, leave me a comment so I know that you arrived safely.


2 Responses to Over Here!

  1. Hey I made it. Sorry for the spill. Pictures of the show are up on my blog.

  2. Sue Hamann says:

    Hey! What’s a little wine (or whine, as the case may be!) between friends?! You moved your blog over here and I moved my household to Madison!!! Ever try a 2 hour car trip with 2 house cats?! Not recommended!!

    Hi, Warner! Hi, Thomason!


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