Are We There Yet Progress

We are a few weeks into Are We There Yet? at Wayside Theatre and it feels like its been going well.  The physicality of the show almost killed me during tech week – I’ve never been the most athletic sort – but it didn’t take long to get into the swing.

What has struck me most is how good-hearted and grounded the show is.  On first glance it struck me as something fluffy, but by the end it really does mature.  The audiences have gone with us.  After all of the zaniness, they are open to the more emotionally resonant end.

Speaking of audiences, I’m hoping they start picking up a bit.  The reviews have been great, and this seems like it should be a pleaser.  Saturdays have been good, but the other days a little thin.  I really want people to see this.

So tell 400 of your closest friends.


2 Responses to Are We There Yet Progress

  1. malia says:

    Tech week almost killed you? I can’t wait to see what you say about this past Saturday night’s performance.

  2. Merida says:

    Where are you? Isn’t June 17th a bit old? I’d love to hear. A Fan

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