And Back Again

So I get these stretches where I need to disappear and I’m quite certain I have nothing to say and I don’t blog for weeks at a time.  And then, to my surprise, people ask where I’ve been.  There must be a word for those stretches of time when you don’t blog.

 Blabsent?  Blought?  Bloggone?

 I don’t know.  But I will make an effort to keep the thing going.

Much to report since last we spoke.  A new show opened at WaysideLying in State.  What a funny show this has turned out to be.  We’ve worked very hard to get it there and we had a stellar opening.

Also, I am the owner of a new car.  Well, new to me.  I haven’t owned a car since 1995 – got rid of it shortly after moving to Chicago.  It’s been around the block a few times, literally and figuratively, but it’s a sweet (albeit sensible) ride.  Pictures will follow when it’s light out.

And personally, my choice is bloggone!


5 Responses to And Back Again

  1. Carl says:

    I think I’ll add another, although very close to one of yours……Blogsent

  2. Emily says:

    I’m privy to “blabsent” myself. Welcome back ;o) Glad opening went so well — I can’t wait to see the show!

  3. Merida says:

    All I can say is “Welcome back!” You have a fascinating life with much to share. Keep it up! I look forward to seeing you on stage very soon.

  4. mrl20151 says:


  5. […] Warner Crocker’s friend Larry Dahlke had writer’s blogger’s block and is wondering what to call it? There must be a word for those stretches of time when you don’t blog. Blabsent? Blought? Bloggone? […]

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