Office Supplies

Here’s one of those dirty little secrets.  I love office supplies.  I’ve not been one of those who steals office supplies from the day-job (I’ve heard it called “Involuntary Corporate Support of the Arts”), but I love office supplies.  Don’t judge me.

Yesterday, I got a new 3-hole punch.  Oh, it’s sweet.  My last 3-hole punch really didn’t so much “punch” holes in the paper.  It was more of a pacifist about it.  It sort of “suggested” a hole and then made me punch the rest of it.

Not this one.  It punches the hole, baby.  3-Ring-Binding is going to fly from here on out.  Watch out Othello, it’s coming for you.

Aren’t you glad I started blogging again?


4 Responses to Office Supplies

  1. peter says:

    Oh, Larry,

    I’d worry about you . . . if I didn’t have myself to worry about.

    TWP: In order for a non-Belizian to leave the country of Belize, you have to pay an “exit fee” in US dollars. You can not pay in Belizian dollars. This is when you are in the Belize International Airport, talking to the Belizian staff. But they do take Visa and Mastercard.

  2. malia says:

    Have you named it? I name my office supplies. There’s Sammy the Stapler, Helen the hole punch…..okay, too much rehearsal for me today. Perhaps you won’t enjoy the comparison to the tired stage manager after all…….

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