Name of the Game is the Name

In response to my love of office supplies and purchase of a new 3-Hole Punch (oh it’s nice), Malia wrote

Have you named it?  I name my office supplies.  There’s Sammy the Stapler, Helen the hole punch…..okay, too much rehearsal for me today.

Wow.  Haven’t done that yet.  I was going to put out a blog question – “What is the most unusual thing you have ever named?” – but I was afraid of the results.


3 Responses to Name of the Game is the Name

  1. […] In an earlier post, I perhaps left the impression that my friend Malia was crazy for naming her office supplies.  With this post I hope to impress upon you that she is not crazy for naming her office supplies. […]

  2. Thomasin says:

    I would like to point out that Sarah Blackwell bought me a three-hole-punch about 2 years ago when it became painfully obvious to her (but not to me) that I was in dire need of one becauseof all my kid scripts, and that it would make my life infinitely easier. And Guess what? IT WAS THE COOLEST GIFT EVER! I marvel at my love of it every time I use it, get excited when I remember I actually HAVE one to use when I need it, and indeed, it has made my life infinitely easier.

    I have not, however, named it.

  3. Fester says:

    I urge you to consider Persephone. It is a name with both history and pedigree, not to mention that it rolls delightfully from the tongue and and lingers in the mouth like a cool shadow on a hot summer day.

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