TWP – Leaving Belize

TWP stands for “That’s Wierd, Peter”, a subcategory I wanted to put into my blog before he got his own.  He recently left this comment

TWP: In order for a non-Belizian to leave the country of Belize, you have to pay an “exit fee” in US dollars.  You can not pay in Belizian dollars.  This is when you are in the Belize International Airport, talking to the Belizian staff.  But they do take Visa and Mastercard.

So now you know.  And he just typed “TWP” like that with no explanation.  But I knew what he meant.  Keep ’em coming, Peter.  Give me two more of your mental nuggets and I will give you your own category.

He speaks from experience – he just returned from his honeymoon in Belize.  Congratulations Peter!


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