Geek and Ye Shall Find

My computer was acting funny (not “ha-ha” funny, more like “I’m going to throw this thing off a cliff so it can return to hell” funny).

Little things.  When I would disconnect from the modem (yes, I have dial-up – don’t judge me) I couldn’t reconnect without restarting the whole system.  And I couldn’t Stand-By anymore.  It would crash without even the courtesy of the blue screen of death.

I expected this to be an ordeal.  Well, the modem problem solved itself when I un-installed the virus protection software that came with the system (PC-Cillin – has anyone ever heard of that?) and went to Norton.

I went to the Sony website to try to solve the standby thing.  I was cautious, because last time I went to Sony to ask why my recovery CD’s didn’t work, I talked to a representative who told me “Oh, those things wear out – you need to order a new set.” 

Huh?  I resisted the temptation to ask why my 5-year-old Sony CDs wore out, but I can still play my Huey Lewis disk.  I’M SO HAP-PY TO BE STUCK WITH YOU.  A woman from Microsoft fixed the problem later.

However, Sony came through this time.  In a support-chat conversation, Lindsay told me to reinstall my graphics driver, and led me to a link to download it.  I don’t know why that worked, but it worked.

So, I’m a happy geek tonight.


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