Warner Five-O…

…much like the series “Hawaii Five-O”, except in this version…

Jack Lord…

Jack Lord

is played by Warner Crocker.

In other words, Warner Crocker turns 50 today.  I first met him in Chicago when he was just turning 40.  I had just moved there to become another blond, leggy supermodel.  That, or a black-haired, smallish character actor.  Whichever came through first.

The latter of course, and Warner was the first person in Chicago to cast me in anything.  The show was called “Fat Tuesday” and although it wasn’t the strongest show (!) the people involved were terrific.  Warner was one of the best directors with whom I had ever worked (my grammar is gooder).

To my surprise, he kept hiring me.  Then to my chagrin, he left Chicago.  Then to my delight, he invited me to Virginia.

Warner is my friend, my colleague, I’d say my boss but he would yell and (he’s heard this word quite a bit this week) my mentor.  To spend some time with Warner is to enter a completely different room in life.  One that suddenly makes your whole house look more interesting.

I need to stop watching HGTV – it is ruining my ability to metaphor.

Anyway, Warner is also my Blog-father, so there’s a good chance he’s reading this.  Happy Birthday, friend, and thank you for the confidence and opportunity to continue to do the work I love and live the life I choose.  I wish for you the same.

[Jack Lord photo from Terri’s Jack Lord Connection]

2 Responses to Warner Five-O…

  1. Thomasin says:

    Oh, that was really nice Larry — and you get extra points for a) being willing to reveal a bit of your own age and b) making the brilliant, if not completely linear connection, by invoking Hawaii Five -0! Very impressed over here.

    So, we all know I’m old fashioned, a bit paper dependant, and not very electronics- savvy, so , of course, I printed it out and stuck it in his book…….

    Forgive me my transgression oh great User of the recently-pulled-back-out-of-the-dust electronic daytimer-thingy.

  2. Fester says:

    What, I wonder, happened to the leggy blonde? I seemed to have missed that…
    We shall have to converse and catch up sooner or later. Wish you were here to join me for the Cambridge summer voyage!

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