Welcome – “That’s Wierd Peter”

My friend Peter Boyer has one of the most unique minds I’ve ever accidentally stepped in.  We’ve talked about giving him his own category on this blog, and today he gets it.

This is why.

I got a good luck at a very light colored rat with glowing eyes, and he got a real good look at me, too…

Now then, some time ago I mentioned some time ago about exploding ants, yes?…

This was almost why.

So I researched koalas and their potential drug addiction. The results are . . . undetermined.

Our Blogfather, Warner, should worry about his Wicked Blogchildren merging.  Actually what would you call that.

I would say “Blerging”.

Regardless, welcome Peter.


2 Responses to Welcome – “That’s Wierd Peter”

  1. Scared? Nay. Frightened out of my wits!

  2. Merida says:

    Larry – I miss your entries. Your life is fascinating. Theatre and the making of a piece of living art. I know you are busy, but I check your blog, among others, every day because I guess I wish I could be on stage, too. You have an interesting experience to share. Please update.

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