It’s A Wonderful Life (2)

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We’ve just finished our last rehearsals before going into tech tomorrow, and it’s starting to feel like a show.  More accurately, a show within a show within a show.

We’re telling the story of It’s a Wonderful Life on one level.  It’s being told as a radio drama which adds a second level.  There is a silent story going on among the radio players which adds a third level.

Clear as mud?

Finding the clarity within that structure has been the challenge here.  The basic Wonderful Life story is so well known that it really shouldn’t be messed with.  So adding other layers is a precarious exercise.

After experimenting with a more angry relationship among the radio players, we made the vibe a great deal more friendly.  The change in the show’s energy was immediate.  A small adjustment, but it improved the momentum.  I think we’re really close to finding the right balance.  Today was encouraging.Personally, I’m trying to make George Bailey my own while still maintaining a healthy level of Jimmy Stewart-ness.  I hope I’m not just imitating the movie, but at times – ah, well, gosh darn it, I I I I think I am, don’cha get it?


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  1. Jim says:

    Good to see you back in the world (wide web). Good to hear you too.

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