Lincoln Logs

(photo by Patrick Q)
I would like to submit to the internets a new term… Lincoln Logs.

As a kid I had a set of Lincoln Logs and they came with plans for all of the buildings you could make.  My set probably had about 60 pieces to it, but the instructions included the buildings you could have made if only you had the 120 piece set.

Suddenly my 60 piece set seemed inadequate, and I abandoned my plans of becoming an architect which probably cost me millions of dollars.

I thought I had gotten past that, but now on the internet no matter where I go, I see what I could get if I just join…you know… Prime.  Suddenly, I’m playing with only 60 pieces again.  If I just click here, suddenly I’ll have 120 pieces and I’ll be cool.

I shall call these reminders of my current inadequacy “Lincoln Logs”.


3 Responses to Lincoln Logs

  1. RScott says:

    OK, color me confused. I was reading your blog on your old site, and was confronted with the news that you had just opened a new show. But I was pretty confident that your CURRENT show ran until Christmas. What a busy boy, I thought, and also wondered just how crazy Warner was to open another show while running 37 performances a week of the Christmas one. I finally saw the date on the entry (2006) and had a laugh at my own expense. But enough about me. Tell me when i can come to the Radio City Wonderful Life Show, or whatever it’s called. It must be a matinee and you must be performing with Thomasin. Are there any such dates before you close?

  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks for crediting the photo. I know what you mean about online Lincoln Logs. I have an account at Last FM. It’s a great site, but now they want to start charging me every month for some new radio feature they’ve developed…bummer. Something similar with flickr, but it’s worth the fee to get the premium package there.

  3. Monica says:

    Perhaps you should call yourself not “inadequate” but rather “consumerism resistant.” This is how I will choose to look at myself this year when my son does not open his XBox or his Wii or his Playstation. Again. And each time I cancel a free trial.

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