Simple Dollars and Leaps of Faith

I subscribe to quite a few blogs about frugality and personal finance.

One of my favorites is The Simple Dollar by a fellow named Trent Hamm.  Great stuff.  One post even gave me the courage to make my own bread, which I have been doing now for the last 4 months!

His most recent post caught my attention…

I quit my job.

It is scary as can be to write that sentence. Unbelievably scary. I’m walking away from a good paying and very stable job. I announced my resignation this week, and my final day will happen before the end of March.

Why?…I want to devote more time to my writing. I love writing. There’s simply no other way to put it. The art of putting written words down on the page fills me with an elemental joy that I can’t describe.


It is a very difficult decision to change the course of your life to follow your dreams.  Trent seems very prepared for it, but sometimes you have to just make leaps of faith no matter how ready you are.
Congratulations to Trent, and to all of my friends that have chosen to leap.  I would love to hear about the moments that inspired you to do so.

[photo by eatbitter]

One Response to Simple Dollars and Leaps of Faith

  1. After getting my master’s degree right at the beginning of a major recession, I couldn’t find a music teaching job. So I girded my loins and began working for the Social Security Administration in Chicago. Five years of bureaucracy, but a steady paycheck. One evening Sharon and I went to a Chicago Symphony concert. Mahler’s Fourth Symphony, I believe with Maureen Forrester – a real “earth mama” voice – soloist in the last movement. Something clicked inside.

    After a few days of due diligence, inward thinking, and heavy chat, I submitted my resignation from SSA. Returned to the arts, and remained there ever since. Fewer dollars, but for this self-proclaimed “frugal zealot” who heats with wood and sunshine, and who hasn’t bought “prepared foods” since Lincoln was president, it’s been a much better life.

    Onward through the fog.

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