The Fresh President of Bel-Air

This is not a surprise…

Will Smith is Obama’s pick to play him if a movie is made about his life, something the two have discussed.

“Will and I have talked about this because he has the ears!” the Illinois senator said in an interview slated to air Tuesday and Wednesday.  [Yahoo! News]

This got me to thinking about who might play some of the others in this election.  Here are my suggestions…

  • Hillary Clinton –  Emma Thompson
  • John McCain – Tommy Lee Jones
  • George Bush – Daffy Duck wearing a cast (think about it…)

Who would you cast?  I’m especially interested in suggestions for Karl Rove.


2 Responses to The Fresh President of Bel-Air

  1. RScott says:

    Carl Rove – Jonathan Winters.

    You probably remember that Emma Thompson already played Hillary Clinton, in “Primary Colors.”

  2. ldahlke says:

    Nope, I never saw “Primary Colors”, but I guess I’m on the right track. Apparently I’m ahead of my time, only 10 years too late! Jonathan Winters is an inspired choice for Karl – thank you!

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